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Meet Our Dynamic Team at ACG

At AGC, our team is more than just a collection of skilled professionals. We are a dynamic, forward-thinking ensemble, dedicated to enhancing your digital journey today while equipping you for tomorrow.

We're proud to be thought leaders in Cloud and Customer Data Platforms, ensuring our expertise underpins every interaction and decision. Our distinctive understanding of the power of customer data enables us to sculpt incredible, tailored experiences that connect you with your audience like never before.

Our team crafts bespoke services that fit like a glove to your needs, ensuring maximum return on your investment. This is more than a one-size-fits-all approach. We recognize the unique blend that is your brand, and we aim to amplify your voice in the digital sphere.

Navigating the digital transformation landscape can be complex, but you're in good hands with AGC. Let our team guide you through the ever-evolving digital world, ensuring you're not just keeping pace, but setting it. Because here at AGC, we're not just about survival in the digital age but about thriving.

Matthew Ravlich


Matthew Ravlich

Matthew Ravlich is a transformative Chief Executive Officer with over 18 years of experience, specializing in leveraging data-driven optimization strategies to drive sustainable growth for leading brands. A certified Adobe Analytics Master, Matthew blends deep technological expertise with strategic leadership, delivering enhanced revenues, maturing optimization programs, and guiding companies towards long-term success.

kelsey headshot


Kelsey Ravlich

Kelsey is an exceptionally driven and accomplished leader, distinguished by her stellar communication skills and adept organizational abilities. Her education and experience in people, processes, and culture underscore her commitment to devising innovative and effective strategies. Widely recognized for her confidence, sociability, and loyalty, Kelsey is steadfastly dedicated to promoting quality and professionalism in every facet of ACG's business.



Jim Floyd

A seasoned executive, he boasts robust expertise in the innovation, design, construction, and operations of power systems, underpinned by his innovative problem-solving and leadership acumen. His project management background fortifies his ability to deliver solid management and strategic direction for ACG.


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