Preparing for Adobe Analytics Reports & Analytics End-of-Life: Transitioning to Analysis Workspace


Adobe recently announced the end-of-life for Reports & Analytics, leaving many digital marketers and analysts wondering how to transition their workflow in Adobe Analytics. Fortunately, ACG can also provide guidance on transitioning from Reports & Analytics to Analysis Workspace, a powerful platform offering more customization and analysis capabilities. This article will discuss how to transition to Analysis Workspace, what you should expect during the transition process and best practices for quickly making the switch.

Adobe’s Reports & Analytics End-of-Life Milestones

*Dates are subject to change

  • January 4, 2022: Intention to end-of-life announced
  • April 1, 2022: End-of-service-life
  • October 31, 2022: End-of-sale
  • December 31, 2023: End-of-life

Benefits of Transitioning from Reports & Analytics to Analysis Workspace

The benefits of transitioning from Reports & Analytics to Analysis Workspace are numerous. Analysis Workspace provides an intuitive interface allowing users to create reports, visualize data, and monitor performance quickly. The tool offers more profound insights into customer segments and behaviors through its custom segmentation and visualization capabilities. Plus, Analysis Workspace makes it easy to compare data between Reports & Analytics and other sources such as Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

What to Expect During the Reports & Analytics to Analysis Workspace Transition Process

When making the switch from Reports & Analytics to Analysis Workspace, there are a few steps to consider. First, it’s important your Reports & Analytics reports get migrated over to Analysis Workspace. The Reports & Analytics migration process in Analysis Workspace is not completed automatically and will need careful planning. Secondly, it’s important to consider how you want to structure your Reports & Analytics data, dashboards, reports, and visualizations within Analysis Workspace. The platform offers more customizable segmentation and visualization options to help you gain further insights into customer behavior. Here is a list of supported features and features to be deprecated:

Features to be SupportedFeatures to be Deprecated
The following features will have a parity version in Analysis Workspace. Details and timelines for the projects for these features will be added as more information becomes available.The following features will be discontinued upon end-of-life and will NOT have a parity version in Analysis Workspace.
Calendar Events: Will be called Annotations in Analysis Workspace. Released March 2022Publishing Lists
Next/Previous Page Reports: Released April 2022Dashboards
Page Summary Report: Released April 2022Custom Reports
Combo ChartsPublishing Widgets
Menu CustomizationCurrent Data
TargetsData Extract
Bot ReportsDefault Metrics
Real-Time ReportsData Filter Button
Full Paths
Roll-up Report Suites
Marketing Channel Reports
Smoothing Applied
Custom Conversion Reports

Workarounds for Deprecated Features

Features being deprecated from Reports & Analytics can still be supported with other functionalities within the Workspace. For example, the Smoothing Feature has been replaced with the Cumulative Average function, which computes an average over a set of metrics and applies smoothing to them. This feature allows users to balance out short-term volatility while also detecting long-term trends in their data. In addition, cumulative average is more versatile since it can be applied to any metric, making it easier to find patterns and insights across broader datasets. With this capability, analysts in a variety of industries can take advantage of the smoothing feature that was once only available in Reports & Analytics. Furthermore, Cumulative Average can give users greater flexibility when creating reports since users can apply this as a metric in a freeform table and reuse it across reports and dashboards in Analysis Workspace.


If you have any questions about the Reports & Analytics End-of-Life announcement or need assistance transitioning from Reports & Analytics to Analysis Workspace, please get in touch with us. Our experienced team members are here to help you make the switch as seamless and effective as possible. Get in touch with ACG today and take advantage of the powerful features of Analysis Workspace!

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